ZAS! Super-Seasoning is a line of premium-flavored blends inspired by flavors from around the world. Get creative! Each shake of flavor adds a spark of excitement to your favorite foods.

ZAS! puts a smile on your lips and fills your mind with images of exotic destinations around the globe. From a fruit stand in Mexico City to a mango grove in India, the flavors of ZAS! will take you there.

So get creative! Zip your zucchini. Shake your plantain. Rub your rutabaga. Dust your nuts. Just don’t blast your brew, we’ve got that covered with Beer Salt.

ZAS! is about trying something new and sharing it with friends and family. There’s nothing we love more than using exciting flavors to help you create memorable moments at your family table.

Elysia’s Story

We created ZAS! to help busy cooks honor traditional flavors from around the world.

As a wife and mother of three beautiful girls, I know how important food is in making family memories. Growing up in San Antonio, Texas, in a Mexican-American home, dinner was one of the most important times of day for our family. Remembering how I sat at the table with my father and three brothers as my mom served us will always be a memory I cherish. It was our time to talk, connect, exchange stories and, most importantly, to spend quality time together after a busy day.

Food plays a huge role in our culture, and traditions run deep. Favorite recipes are passed down, with each new generation of cooks giving the dishes their own personal touches.

But as a working mother living in a fast-paced world, I have fewer opportunities to craft the beloved family meals that have been passed down to me. I’m constantly seeking new ways to quickly prepare meals, while keeping true to the flavors I loved as a child.

We created ZAS! to help busy cooks honor traditional flavors from around the world. Created with the highest quality ingredients, ZAS! Super-Seasoning allow home cooks and professionals to easily add vibrant flavors to their meals. I use ZAS! in some of my favorite family recipes and love how it help me introduce those special flavors to my daughters.

We hope you’ll use it at your family table to create your own special memories.

-Elysia Gonzales

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Who is Twang Partners?

Based in San Antonio, Twang Partners is a family-owned and operated manufacturer of premium-flavored salts, sugars and seasonings. For more than 29 years, Twang Partners has produced the highest quality blends designed to enhance the taste, appearance and enjoyment of food and beverages for all occasions.

Twang Partners is dedicated to adding fun and flavor to everyday life through the creation of high-quality, one-of-a kind salt, sugar and spice blends.

Why we do it

Twang Partners inspires people to be creative and adventurous in their enjoyment of food and beverages. We are passionate about sharing our flavorful products with the world and leverage our experience to create delicious, high-quality products made with the finest ingredients. The most important ingredients that we hold above all others is FUN.